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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Olde Beau’s Course

Updated: Apr 2, 2019


Although many golfers have treaded the greens at Olde Beau, very few know about some of the best kept secrets of the Course. No, we are not suggesting the panoramic mountain vistas are not common knowledge, but we are implying that a few attributes have flown under the radar for some time. Check out a few hidden gems below of the championship course nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Parkway of Northwestern North Carolina.

1. Hole 15- Although many know 15 is the final resting place of Beau, the sweet bulldog that adorns our logo and was the inspiration behind the name of the Club, few realize that this hole is nestled along the edge of the escarpment, overlooking the Mitchell River Gorge. If you want to experience the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, 15 is the epitome of that experience for the body, mind, and soul. This view during the peak of Fall foliage is even more breathtaking

2. Olde Beau is challenging, but fun for all from scratch golfers to those having a day with family or friends on the course. Olde Beau decided that it would be great to offer a 9-hole Par 3 Course. Not only is it short and sweet, but Olde Beau’s Par 3 gives golfers opportunities to play when they may not have a lot of time or need the chance to practice.

3. Location, Location, Location- Okay, we did say that we wouldn’t mention the views but Olde Beau is located along the Appalachian Mountain chain, the perfect golf getaway. The best part? When it’s 95 degrees off the mountain, it’s only 75 degrees at Olde Beau making it an optimal temperature with gorgeous scenery, and a perfect retreat to higher ground. Olde Beau is 3,200 feet above the rest!

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